Super Mario Odyssey

In my opinion, Super Mario Odyssey is my favorite 3D Mario game.
This game was my second 3d Mario game I've ever played (first one being Super Mario Galaxy!)
I enjoy "capturing" enemies (even though it's obviously possessing) and using their powers to my advantage.
This game was the first game that I played on my Switch when I got it in August 2018.
The game begins with Bowser kidnapping Peach so he can marry her, Mario tries to stop him,
gets knocked off ship and finds Cappy... you know the drill.
You go through various Kingdoms in Mario's world, such as the Sand Kingdom and New Donk City,
trying to stop Bowser from stealing stuff for his wedding.
I really like how Mario controls in this game, it's very fluid and just feels good to control.
There's not many things that I DON'T like about this game.
I mean, i guess the story's a little repetitive? But, I don't really care about that.
Overall, i give Super Mario Odyssey an 9/10, it's a very fun and enjoyable game, and that's all i have to say about Super Mario Odyssey.

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