Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Iceberg


First Layer:
- PINGAS: A meme often used in Youtube Poops, which comes from the episode "Boogie Mania" when Robotnik says: "Snooping as usual, i see." But the way he says it makes it sound like he's saying: "SnooPING AS usual i see."
- Sonic Sez: A segment at the end of each episode, in which Sonic and other characters from the show teach you lessons and stuff not to do, such as sexual harrasment, drinking, and strangers.
- Sonic Sez: A segment at the end of each episode, in which Sonic and other characters from the show teach you lessons and stuff not to do, such as sexual harrasment, drinking, and strangers.
- "That's no good": A line that comes from the Sonic Sez for sexual harrassment, often used in memes and Youtube Poops.
- Youtube Poops: The show is often used in Youtube Poops due to it's absurdity.

Second Layer:
- Coconut's dissapearance: A reoccuring character in the earlier episodes, but stopped showing up as often as the show progressed.
- Cancelled so DIC could focus on SatAM: AoStH was cancelled by DIC so they could put more time in effort into their other Sonic cartoon, SatAM.
- Animated in Korea: AoStH was animated in Korea.

Third Layer:
- Lost Pilot episode: The complete pilot of the show is lost, but we do have an incomplete copy that's missing the music and some voices.
- MBM based off of AoStH: When the puzzle game Puyo Puyo came to the west, it was reskinned as a Sonic game, based off of AoStH.
- Robotnik was abused by his mother: The only person that Robotnik is scared of in the show is his own mother. We also constantly see Mama Robotnik yelling and punching Robotnik.
- Pink Sally in Christmas Special: In the Christmas Special, a pink Sally makes an unvoiced cameo in the beginning and the end.

Fourth Layer:
- Robotnik is married to Sonic: In the episode "Best Hedgehog", to prevent some girl from being married to Robotnik, Sonic dresses up as the bride and tricks Robotnik into marrying him.
- Robotnik is Hitler: The statue of Robotnik that's next to his lair appears to be doing the Nazi Salute. Also Robotnik occasionally dresses up in an outfit that's simular to a Nazi uniform.
- Adult Joke in "Sonic the Matchmaker":
- "Mass Transit Trouble" banned in US: An episode that was banned due to it's content matter being that Robotnik tries to bomb a train station, an airport, and a lighthouse. It was banned in 1993 due to the WTC bombing, and then again during 9/11.

Fifth Layer:
- "Attack on Pinball Fortress" based on Sonic Spinball: Sonic Spinball inspired the episode "Attack on Pinball Fortress" (sorry that it's switched around on the iceberg)
- Unproduced Episodes: The wiki mentions that there are unproduced episodes.
- Refrences in Sonic Boom: There are a few refrences to AoStH in the Sonic Boom Cartoon.
- Christmas special was originally made to promote Sonic X-Treme: self explanatory.

Sixth Layer:
- "New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog": The wiki mentions the existance of a "New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", and it supposedly released in 2019, but there's no other proof that this ever existed.
- 2 missing Chaos Emeralds: There's a 4-parter special about Sonic trying to get the Chaos Emeralds before Robotnik does, but there are only 4 Chaos Emeralds in the show instead of the 6 in the games. - AoStH is an acid trip: The show can feel like that you are on acid sometimes.

Seventh Layer:
- AoStH predicted 9/11: As mentioned earlier, the episode "Mass Transit Trouble" was banned, maybe the episode predicted 9/11?
- The true reason why AoStH was cancelled: Who knows... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
- "The Grounder Apparition": Legend says that in a few personalized AoStH VHS tapes, the Grounder Apparition is there, waiting, to haunt your nightmares...
- Parallel Universe: AoStH may take place in an alternate universe.

- AoStH is canon: A few thing from AoStH have been canonized, such as Sonic's favorite food being Chili Dogs.

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